Poker Coaches’ Stories

I sorta told myself I wasn’t gonna go into this today, but every single fucking question is leading me into it. I received an email yesterday that I felt strongly about. It was a player who contacted me out of the blue, and he basically told me that his situation was that he was currently staked by a backer who had shifted him over after he had been struggling for seven months to make a minimum amount of profits at know’em and hold’em. He said, “I’m absolutely miserable.”

“And I don’t feel like my backer has the capacity “to train me, or I don’t feel like he cares enough.” You know how much stress you’re gonna put on online casinos that accept us players who moves from know’em and hold’em as a struggler, in the first three months of his career? Especially when you haven’t even gained enough of his trust to prove that you can scale him in his growth process? The problem is that your backer couldn’t fucking train you how to beat know’em at hold’em. Now he’s desperate to try to turn some profit out of you, and he switches you to a game that he has a hunch will be better in the long term for your profits.

The amount of backing and private coaching services that don’t actually care about their clientele is fucking ridiculous. Like, it’s all private shit. I’m not talking about the big coaching sites, because they’re off the hook. They’ve said that they’re not trying to be a private coaching ring. They’re not doing staking. They’re just a platform.

They’re a platform for content. I have a problem with the private guys who treat their customers like a credit card company treats credit card customers. All they want is to suck you in and then get the fucking minimums out of you for the rest of your life while you bleed away. And they don’t give a shit how you feel, because they don’t care about you.

It’s a shit model, and the only reason I’m still in poker is because there’s just so much room for penetrating the market with something different that actually works because it comes from the right energy. So here’s my statement, publicly, to anyone who owns a private coaching or staking ring. I will single-handedly take every single one of your clients who are unsatisfied because you don’t give a fuck enough about them, or because you don’t trust yourself enough to be teaching in the first place. And I will transform them into something that they deserve to be, because these are guys that are coming to you with ambition. And it’s a fucking problem when you take a weak-minded person who puts his faith in you, and manipulate him for your own bottom line.