Saving Chips

What I like to do is I collect my winnings and then I go off and I go to the second one and see what it’s doing door my bed down to the same bed that I was already betting and finished playing and what I like to do is I like to go back and forth until it gives me a nice win and then I’ll leave and go to another game so we’ll see guys maybe this one will give me something if not then I’ll go back to the other one and hopefully it gives me something good this time if I don’t run out of chips guys I’m hoping this today it can show you guys a big win on my behalf that will be very exciting  okay so it looks like Chris fans are getting ready to come. Find out more about saving chips at CasinoSlots.

I wish that one would’ve gave me a couple of more Wow that would have been nice right guys and what I like to do is sometimes I like to click on people’s profiles to see what they have to see what levels they’re on      okay so I I’ve noticed I done spent five billion shit I mean five million chips so hopefully when freeze fans come they’re able to give those back or I might lock up and it may just go ahead and give me a big win that brings it back to that five million chips I mean 50 million chips sorry guys I just got done eating in trying to clear my throat  yeah but that’s normally the case guys normally if you spend like 50 million chips or you know whatever you may spend when freeze fans come it should give you your chips back or sometimes you know half of those or maybe even more it just depends and so if I were you and you you know you only have a certain amount of chips say like 26 million.

What I would do is I was save up you know if you want to get you a really big win I would start saving chips up you know just save your adult your daily bonus in your hourly bump to hourly bonus save those up together and just wait until you think you haven’t enough to you know play for a big and then maybe you can even win big if you did it that way if you don’t like to buy chip me personally I don’t like to buy chips I would rather save chips up you know because it’s saving money so I like to save chips up and then I will go ahead and and play or maybe win and then I would be able to play for big so it just all depends guys and if there’s anything you guys would like to add you know comment down below and I will make sure that I answer all of you guys’s questions.